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Welcome to Winter Park Pavers

Expert Brick Paver Installation Company Serving Winter Park & Orlando, Florida

We are one of the best brick paver installation companies in the business with over 20 years of experience. Our experienced professionals will help you choose the right design options and materials, lay them correctly and incorporate any further design elements into your patio, swimming pool deck, or driveway. With our team on your side, you're guaranteed a flawless installation every time!

We pay heed to our client's requirements carefully and deliver the desired results efficiently.

There have been several unfortunate local incidents of softscape (landscaping) contractors with credentials and agreements taking hardscape design projects and failing to provide durable and desired results. When you hire us, you're getting the most qualified and experienced contractors in the business.

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Winter Park Pavers knocked it out of the park(!) with our driveway. Beautiful flagstone pavers really helped boost our curb appeal.

Damien Rice



Really impressed with the communication and level of work from Winter Park Pavers. We'll definitely use them again.

Austin Reed



Fantastic company with really helpful and knowledgeable staff. My husband and I LOVE our new pool deck with bluestone steps. Thanks!

Amy Reid


Why Choose Winter Park Pavers?

Our vigilance and determination makes us stand out from our brick paver competitors. Being focused on hardscape design gives us an advantage over competitive patio pavers and driveway contractors. We'll take care of everything from design to installation, so that your patio or driveway is finished on time and looks great - no matter how complex the project may be.

Benefits of Using Brick Pavers for Pool Decks, Patios and Driveways

Brick pavers are a great option for areas that receive heavy foot traffic, such as patios and pool decks. Your home's first impression to visitors is made up of driveways, pools, patios, and front walkways. The curb appeal of a property can be improved substantially by opting for interlocking brick pavers instead of cement. Winter park Brick Pavers is the ideal solution for replacing an old driveway, pool, patio, or building something from the ground up. The installation process comprises of several steps including: Permitting, surveying, grading, compacting, adding drainage, installing pavers with polymeric sand, and sealing. Choosing the best paver installer is just as crucial as choosing the right materials. Our team is here to help you from start to end so that you may have a stunning, functioning quality result.

Some of the factors that make brick pavers so popular are:

  • Affordable

  • Provide a durable ground surface solution

  • Excellent aesthetics

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • Can be customized to match the exterior of your home or business

    There are a few things to consider when choosing brick pavers for your project: the size of the paving, the complexity of the design, and how often it will be used. Homeowners have the luxury of customizing pavers to match any exterior design or style.

Grey brick pavers

Costs Of Laying A Brick Paver Hardscape


Brick pavers typically require a minimum of two people to install, and the cost of labor can add significantly to the overall price tag.


Brick pavers are made from durable and sometimes scarce materials, so the price you pay for them will reflect this. Also, more challenging

materials will drive up labor costs further, contributing significantly to total project costs.

Equipment & supplies

Depending on the variety and specifications of your bricks, additional equipment may be required in order for installation work properly proceed. This can range from regular power tools to heavy machinery

Office expenses/utility bills

Any serious company incurs overhead costs such as office expenses, utility bills and other charges.

There are also project-specific costs that affect the final charge to the customer, such as landscaping and grading. This factor will vary depending on the location, but generally it is common to incur additional costs such as compacting, sealing (typically used for asphalt or concrete bricks), grading & leveling of the ground, landscaping/driveway/patio clearing, etc. Overall, the cost of brick pavers will vary depending on the type, complexity, and size of the project.

In order to get a ballpark estimate of the cost of laying brick pavers, it is important to understand both the fixed and variable costs associated with this type of landscaping project. For example, labor prices vary depending on geographical location and experience level. Likewise materials prices vary according to the grade and type of brick being used in your project. A typical new brick paver installation is charged per square foot, with average prices ranging from around $8 to upwards of $20 depending on all the aforementioned factors.

Brick Paver Patios

A brick patio is a great way to add character, value and style to your home or business. A backyard paver or red brick patio is a terrific way to experience like you're on vacations without leaving your house. It's a great place for relaxing or holding a party. We've been paving and renovating gorgeous, long-lasting paver patios in Orlando and around Central Florida for years. Brick pavers are easy to install and maintain, making them the perfect solution for covering your backyard or patio surface. Indeed, your family and friends will love it!

Brick Paver Patio Styles

Rusticated stone pavers

There are many different brick paving styles for patios. One common style is rusticated stone pavers. This type of patio uses mortar to bond pieces of broken granite aggregate together and then coats it with a protective sealant. Once the sealant has dried, the pavers can be landscaped or used as walkway pavement.

Cobblestone paving design

Another popular patio style is cobblestone paving design. This type of paving uses small pebbles mixed with concrete to create a textured look and feel on your patio surface. Cobblestone pavers are usually more expensive than other types of pavers. However, they are an excellent choice for areas that receive a lot of rain.

Paver patio with fire pit

Brick Paver Installation

Brick paver installation is a big job and should only be done by an experienced contractor. Costs can vary significantly depending on the size, style, and complexity of the project.

Installation Methods

There are many different patio brick pavers installation methods. One popular method is using a paving stone mover to move the bricks into place.

Another option is using concrete pavers that need no foundation or framing. If you are installing brick pavers yourself, it is essential to use the proper tools and equipment to ensure that the project is completed successfully and to ensure the safety of you and anyone helping you.

For cobblestone pavers, it is necessary to first break up the concrete with a hammer before placing it on the ground.

Pool deck pavers

Update your 1980's pool with a new brick paver deck! Laying brick pavers or travertine tile over existing concrete decking is a fast renovation that will make your old or weary pool feel brand new. This is an excellent method to raise the value of your pool and Winter Park home while also increasing its pleasure, ease of cleaning, and satisfaction. There are multitude of swimming pool deck pavers that come in a variety of colors, textures and shapes giving clients liberty to customize their pools according to their will. The most popular type of paver is square or rectangular pavers. These pavers are available in a variety of colors, such as black, natural stone and bluestones.

Pool Deck Paver Installation

There are many different brick paving types and styles for swimming pool areas and decks. One common style is pavers that have the look and feel of stamped concrete pavers. This type of patio uses large blocks of concrete that have been heavily textured and then sealed together using mortar.

Another popular pool deck style is called travertine paving. This type of paving uses natural stone chips mixed with cement to create a porous surface that will retain water, avoid drainage, and keep your deck looking clean year-round.

Installation Methods

Every pool deck installation we undertake is unique and depends on the size, type, height and shape of the swimming pool, as well as the surrounding landscape. Some factors that may influence your choice of design include:

-The type of brick patio paver you choose

-Your budget

-The style of your pool deck

Paver pool deck coping

Driveway Pavers

When you have a driveway with pavers, the first thing to consider is the surface. Pavers come in different sizes and styles so it's important to find one that will look good on first impression and coordinate well with the landscaping. Curb appeal is an extremely important factor when it comes to attracting potential home buyers when the time comes to sell your home. Another consideration when choosing pavers is whether or not you want an unfinished look or finished one.

Driveway Paver Styles

Flagstone Pavement Design

There are many different styles of driveway pavers. One common style is flagstone pavers, a material that results from the hardening of sedimented stones that have built up over time and under pressure, usually under water. Flagstone pavers are usually more expensive than other types of pavers.

Cobblestone pavement design

Another popular driveway brick paving style is cobblestone pavers. This type of paving uses small, rough stones that have been individually placed typically on top of concrete or a similar hard-wearing substrate. It is highly recommended to hire an experienced contractor.

Paver walkway

Driveway Paver Installation

Once you've chosen a paving stone style, be sure to measure your space before shopping around for pavers. You'll need enough material to cover the entire driveway and any other areas you intend to pave, as well as adding an additional 10% for any loss or overage. Installers typically charge by square foot, so make sure you factor this into your calculations.

One popular way to install brick pavers is called ``layering''. This technique involves installing the pavers one layer at a time. After each layer is installed, the previous layer is smoothed and sealed with mortar.

Another popular method of installation is called "casting". In this method, the concrete slab that will hold the bricks is poured first. The bricks are then placed onto the concrete slab.

Our Installation Process

Before commencing to lay your brick pavers, we dig your site to allow for a sturdy foundation. The base material is mercilessly compressed to make a firm foundation for your pavers. Following that, we will create a new grade to allow for correct water drainage, and install level concrete curbing if necessary. This provides a strong foundation for your brick paver construction and lets us to remove any roots, debris, or other obstacles that may create difficulties later on.

Then, before putting in your pavers, we square up your installation area, remeasure with a transit, and level everything one more. We place your interlocking pavers with your particular design or pattern, and then apply a small coating of sand to every surface. We bring in the compactor once again to compress and secure everything. The next phase is your concrete edging, which prevents any lateral movement in the future years, which is crucial for drive-on surfaces like driveways. All joints are then finished with joint sand to give them that newly grouted appearance!

1. We will provide a free consultation to discuss your paving needs.

2. Once you have approved our proposal, we will schedule an appointment to come and review the location of your pavers and map out the installation process with you.

3. At the appointed time, one of our experienced professionals will arrive on-site with all of the necessary supplies and equipment needed for a seamless pavers installation!


Can I use decorative bricks instead of regular bricks and, if so, what would be the difference between them?

Decorative bricks are made from a different type of brick that is designed to look like stone. They usually have a slightly different shape and size than regular bricks, and they are typically not meant for paver use in areas that will be subject to heavy traffic. Instead, decorative bricks can be used for walls, walkways, or other areas on your property.

What size of bricks should I use in my installation, and what type of mortar should I use with them?

Brick pavers can be installed in any size, and the mortar used to install them can vary depending on the type of brick being used. One of the more common brick paver sizes is 4 inches wide by 6 inches long, while decorative bricks can range in size, style and color.

What are good design for pavers?

There is no one perfect design for pavers, as the look and feel of your installation will be influenced by the surrounding landscape and architecture. However, some popular designs include geometric patterns or simple lines.

What do brick pavers cost to maintain?

Brick pavers are relatively affordable to maintain. They should be pressure washed one or twice a year, applying a sealant if needed.

How long does it take to install brick pavers?

This will vary greatly depending on a number of factors such as project size, material, substrate, etc. A standard four-car driveway can typically be installed in a single day.

Is there a cheaper alternative to brick pavers that doesn't require professional help for proper ground installation?

While there are more affordable surface coverings that a homeowner can install themselves, it is highly recommended to have pavers installed by a professional installer such as Winter Park Pavers.

What is your warranty policy for brick paver installation?

At Winter Park Pavers we take pride in our workmanship and stand behind our products and service 100%. If you have any questions or concerns about your brick paver installation, contact us and we'll be happy to help.

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